How you speak is as powerful as what you say!

The way you sound is who people think you are and you only have one opportunity to create a first impression: make it an outstanding one by investing the time to learn to speak well. How you speak is as powerful as what you say!

Do you want to engage your customers, clients, and patients more easily and successfully? Do you admire people who speak confidently, clearly and persuasively?

Are constantly being asked to repeat yourself because you talk to fast, mumble and/or speak too softly? Let’s do something about it.

Do you state a great idea in a meeting and then someone else in the meeting says the same thing and gets all the credit because they are more easily heard.

The following Speech Communication Skills are the foundation for you to be a more engaging and persuasive communicator, get credit for your ideas and close more sales.

Are you lacking in one or more of the following?

Your speech is a Powerful Communication Force that will lead to your success both professionally and personally.

However, most people’s speech patterns are developed by the time they are 10 years old by unconsciously imitating those around them. Therefore many adults are still speaking with a speech pattern developed in childhood. A confident person may be speaking with an outdated unconfident speech pattern and not even realize it.

Become aware of your speech pattern by reading the answers to the most commonly asked questions about speaking well.



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