1. improve your speechThe Art of Fielding Questions with Finesse, Mary Jane Mapes, 1-800- 851-2270
  2. Change Your Voice, Change Your Life: A Quick, Simple Plan for Finding & Using Your Natural, Dynamic Voice, Dr. Morton Cooper, Harper & Row Publishers
  3. Coping With Difficult People, Robert M. Bramson, Ph.D. Dell Publishing
  4. How to Say It With Your Voice, Jeffrey Jacobi, Prentice Hall Press
  5. I Can See You Naked: A Fearless Guide to Making Great Presentations, by Ron Hoff, Andrews, and McMeel, a Universal Press Syndicate Company
  6. Influence, The Psychology of Persuasion, Robert B. Cialdini, PH.D., Quill William Morrow, N.Y.
  7. Improvisation for the Theater, Viola Spolin, Northwestern University Press
  8. Improvisation and the Theater, Keith Johnstone, Theater Arts Books, 1981
  9. Managing as A Performing Art: New Ideas for a World of Chaotic Change, Jossey Bass, 1991
  10. Networking for Everyone: Connecting with People for Career and Job Success, L. Michelle Tullier, Ph.D., JIST Works, Inc. 317-264- 3720
  11. Never Be Nervous Again, Dorothy Sarnoff, Audio Tape, Simon & Schuster
  12. People Skills: How to Assert Yourself, Listen to Others and Resolve Conflicts, Robert Bolton, Ph.D., Simon & Schuster
  13. Playing Along: 37 Group Learning Activities, Izzy Gesell, Wide Angle Humor, 1-888- 443-7355
  14. The Possible Human: A Course In Enhancing Your Physical, Mental, and Creative Abilities, Jean Houston, G.P. PUTNAM’S SONS
  15. The Secrets of Charisma, Doe Lang, Ph.D., New Choices Press, 212-362- 6808
  16. Speech Can Change Your Life, Dorothy Sarnoff (only available in libraries)
  17. Spontaneous Healing, Dr. Andrew Weil
  18. Talk To Win, Lillian Glass, Ph.D., Putnam Publishing Group
  19. Words That Sell: The Thesaurus to Help you Promote your Ideas, Richard Bayan, Contemporary Books, Inc. N.Y.
  20. Your Public Best: The Complete Guide to Making Successful Public Appearances, Lillian Brown, Newmarket Press, N.Y.
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