Improve your English Pronunciation and Advance Your Career

A director of operations for a small IT company shared this comment. “I am currently hiring new people and many of the applicants look great on paper, however, when I interview them they are difficult to understand”. “I myself have an Israeli accent; however I have worked hard to improve my pronunciation and be easily understood”.

He continued to say that both he & his CEO believed that communication was an extremely important business driver for their company’s success. I asked if he ever told these applicants that the reason they were not hired was because they couldn’t be easily and readily understood. The answer, No!

Of course success in a profession takes talent, education and hard work. However confident and clear communication is just as important.  To guarantee that you reach your career goals, it is necessary to be easily understood by your employer, fellow employees, clients and customers.

Why unclear speech is not obvious to the speaker? Because most people think speaking happens automatically, like walking, or breathing. It is easy to improve your English pronunciation with America’s #1 Accent Reduction Self-Study Digital Program.

First step to permanently improving your English pronunciation is to know what is correct and then to practice, practice; practice with the ARP recorded MP3 pronunciation exercises. You can’t do it over night. You need to give yourself time to get used to the sounds and the rhythm of American English. You start with the consonants and over a period of 3 months you build your clear and confident American Accent one step at a time.

America’s #1 Accent Reduction self-study program also provides additional resources for dealing with talking too softly or talking too fast. A heavy accent combined with talking fast can stop you from getting that first job or from getting promoted.  .

In the highly competitive business world your conversation needs to be clear. There are only so many times someone will ask you to repeat yourself. A confident, powerful and persuasive communicator speaks clearly and confidently without speaking too fast.

Click here to watch ARP video and learn more.

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