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How does America’s #1 Accent Reduction Program Work?

America’s #1 Accent Reduction Program

We designed this accent reduction program for you to improve your English Pronunciation over a period of 3 months.  For most non-native speakers it takes this long to permanently change the way you speak English. That is, if you follow the accent reduction coaching User’s Guide and practice schedule.  For encouragement, the accent reduction coaching provides speech affirmations and a process which creates your own daily speech affirmations. This accent reduction coaching program is unique .

What is an accent?

Everyone who speaks English has an accent. In the U.S. there are many different native English speaking accents. As an example, people from Alabama sound different from people in Chicago or Boston.

Moreover, everyone develops their speaking pattern and accent, by imitating their immediate family. Everyone imitates their language or languages they speak and the immediate area of the country where they live. This accent is established by 10 years of age.

What is the Goal of the Accent Reduction Training?

Many of us hear a native speaker from one part of the US, perhaps Texas, and say that they don’t have an accent. However, they definitely feel that a colleague from Chicago has an accent. In addition, people who speak two or more languages often interchange the sounds and the rhythm of those languages. Therefore, most important goal is that you are easily and readily understood by your listeners.

What is accent reduction?

For non-native speakers of English, and people speaking two or more languages, the goal is to be easily and readily understood by your listeners. They need to be understood in live conversations, telephone conversations, and public speaking situations. Again, this means you say all the American English sounds correctly and speak with the correct rhythm of English.

For native English speakers, there is something called a standard non-regional accent. This means one learns to pronounce all the sounds as close to what speech professionals agree to be correct. Therefore most listeners would not be able to identify in what part of the USA you were raised. Broadcasters, actors and other media professionals strive to meet this standard.

Who benefits from America’s #1 Accent Reduction Program?

We designed America’s #1 Accent Reduction Program for anyone who wants to improve their American English pronunciation and enroll in an accent reduction online program.  It is appropriate for any level of speaker. Our practice exercises cover a wide range of difficulty. This is a wonderful way to improve your English pronunciation and therefore build your English vocabulary.

What is accent reduction?

Upgrade your English pronunciation

What’s the best way to upgrade your English pronunciation and to develop the correct rhythm for speaking English?  You need to work through all the individual American English sounds and the American English Rhythm section.

You also become aware that some sounds need more attention and practice. Those sounds, however, may not be in your native language or perhaps you fall into the habit of mispronouncing them.  The ( th ) in the word ( that ) and is often said as either ( zat ) or ( dat) is a perfect example.

accent reduction programHow long does it take to improve?

You begin with the consonants, which is the first step in the Program Guide. This requires 2 weeks practice time, you will hear a dramatic improvement as you record yourself.

There are 26 letters in the English Alphabet and 21 are consonants.  Most words and syllables in words either open or close with consonants. So if you improve your consonants you get off to a great beginning using the accent reduction coaching.

We designed the program to take 3 months

It is a self-coaching accent reduction online program and you choose how you wish to use the program. Consequently you completely upgrade your American English pronunciation. Furthermore to ensure that the muscle memory of your articulators retain the sounds when you are speaking spontaneously in daily conversation, you must follow the Accent Reduction Training Program Guide sequence and practice times. Articlulators are the moveable and non-moveable parts of your mouth.

The best gauge that your pronunciation has improved is that your listeners say, “Your English has really improved.” Additionally, you no longer hear, “Please say that again.”

Remember that training and practice using the accent reduction coaching program are the keys to more confident and outstanding English pronunciation.

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