About the Accent Reduction Online Program

We are a division of Voice Power Studios and our Accent Reduction Program is a comprehensive and affordable online, self-study digital Accent Reduction Course for professionals to speak clearly and confidently, expand their life opportunities and advance their career. This accent reduction training program is unique.

America’s #1 online Accent Reduction Program is a high quality digital program that is simple to use anywhere and by anyone who is willing to learn and to practice. This affordable speech training program is much less expensive than private coaching. This accent reduction training provides the same quality materials and speaking techniques that will: Change your Speech and Change your Life.

America’s #1 Online Accent Reduction Program

This is a fantastic self-study digital program that when used for 20 minutes daily, gets outstanding results. If you are self-motivated and wish to save money by being your own coach, this easy to follow accent reduction coaching program is the best way to speak general American English clearly and confidently.




Anyone can improve their accent and it is not rocket science. However, there are no shortcuts to speaking well. You need to have the desire and time to practice. Sign up and receive your login password in order to access the program on a daily basis and complete your daily 20 minute practice. This is how you proceed after you sign up.

  1. Be your own speech coach by creating your daily Speech Affirmations in order to stay focused and insure success.
  2. Use the Accent Reduction program Guide to follow your daily 3 month Accent Reduction Training Program. Your program guide is designed to be flexible so that you can begin in whatever speech area you wish.
  3. The Accent Reduction Program includes high-quality mp3’s for all the sounds in the English language with corresponding written practice sheets so you can read along.
  4. Consonants,
  5. The most Mispronounced Consonants,
  6. Simple Vowels,
  7. Diphthongs,
  8. Rhythm of American English,
  9. Review Practice Sentences,
  10. Diction Exercises.
  11. Practice the Diction Section of the Accent Reduction Course to gain speech fluency and a professional sound.
  12. Record yourself speaking the exercises to get into the habit to hearing how you are speaking. This way you will be in the habit of hearing yourself while in daily conversation and correcting your mistakes in real time.
  13. Create and use your Ongoing Speech Maintenance Plan.
  14. Benefit from your additional Speech and Communication Resource Section

How This Accent Reduction Course Works

With this online accent reduction program you will learn to listen and repeat using mp3’s that have been professionally recorded by a renown international speech coach. This professional has over 25 years of experience in accent reduction coaching, teaching people to speak powerfully and confidently.

When reducing your accent it is so important to imitate someone who speaks English correctly and confidently.

Let’s stop for a minute. How did you learn to speak when you were a child? No one taught you. You listened to the voices of your mother, father, and family members and imitated them. You picked up your accent, tone of voice, rate of speech and many other speech habits from them and your speaking pattern was completed by the time you were 10 years old.

As you are reading this, those speech habits along with breathing, digestion, walking, etc. are being supported by your subconscious mind. You don’t have to think about how to speak. You do it and thank goodness we can all speak. However, the reason you are here is that you want to speak clearly and confidently and that takes some training and practice.

95% of your brain supports your subconscious daily behaviors and 5% of your brain is conscious or self-aware. The good news is you need to spend about 20 minutes daily over a period of three months to permanently change your accent. Think of it as upgrading your speech software.

It’s Time For the Accent Reduction Training Program

You already know how to speak general American English: grammar, vocabulary, reading and writing, and you can think in English. The only missing ingredient is being easily and readily understood by your listener. Most of this is due to mispronunciation of consonants and vowels, not using the correct rhythm for speaking English, using too much muscular force when speaking and speaking too quickly.

America’s #1 online Accent Reduction Course will improve your accent so you are easily and readily understood. Therefore you will communicate more confidently, dynamically and positively with your business colleagues, friends, and family. We are teaching accent reduction in order to empower people’s lives.

Speak Clearly and Confidently, Expand Your Life Opportunities and Advance Your Career with this Accent Reduction Training Program.

America’s #1 Accent Reduction Program is a division of Voice Power Studios, located in San Francisco, CA and Santa Fe, NM.

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