Accent Reduction Program Testimonials

I found America’s #1 Accent Reduction Online Program very useful.  My main problem in making myself understandable is my strong foreign accent. The easy-to-follow audio lessons in the accent reduction program have been helping me a lot by increasing my confidence and consequently making me more aware of my accent. Each of the accent reduction lessons is a short, focuses on specific sounds, and therefore gives key specific advice to improve your accent. I practice every morning driving to work.  I also like the website layout, it is simple and effective. It is easy to navigate having the main content on the front library page.

Thank you very much for putting together an excellent and convenient Accent Reduction Online Program. I have been using these lessons regularly for the last couple of months. Similarly I find it easy to follow and practice even with a hectic schedule. The content you picked for example the Nelson Mandela and the Coca-Cola speech has been thoughtful and helpful. I really love practicing these often.

America’s #1 Accent Reduction Online Program

America’s #1 Accent Reduction Program helps me improve the way I speak to my coworkers and friends. My voice has become more crisp and clear to the audience. I have been able to listen to recordings during my commute to work and practice during breaks throughout the day. I recommend the resource for anyone who wishes to improve their pronunciation and become a better public speaker!

I found the accent reduction online program to be quite helpful in mastering American English pronunciations.  For me, the accent reduction lessons for the vowel and consonant exercises were especially helpful in correcting mispronunciations that I haven’t been aware of before starting the accent reduction online program.  The affirmations for success are also a nice touch that other accent reduction programs don’t have. Thank you very much!
Warmest regards,
Hiroki Niizato

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