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Accent Reduction Program is a high quality, user-friendly 3-month self-coaching program. This accent reduction, English pronunciation training is specifically designed as an affordable alternative to one-on-one accent reduction coaching for any accented English speaking person.

America’s #1 Accent Reduction Online Program includes:

A high-quality online audio program of all the sounds in the English language

Daily positive affirmations to help you reach your goals

American accent reduction program guide

An ongoing maintenance plan

Plus these Accent Reduction Training resources:

Recommended Reading List for Business Professionals

Additional Speaking Skills Tips

Tips for Good Vocal Health

Critical Speech Communication Skills

American English Pronunciation that Provides Confidence & Advance your Career


Listen to sample recording and read along

America’s #1 Accent Reduction Online Program is a playlist of high quality streaming audio content of American English pronunciation sounds with the corresponding written copy.

Many non-native speakers have trouble saying (TH) and use the consonant (d) instead: (da for the) (dem for them). This is important because English personal pronouns  (the, them, that, those, then, they) all begin with (th).

Sentence Practice for Consonant TH - Voiceless

Sentences in which the voiceless consonant (th) is used only between vowels, and does not appear in combination with other consonants:

I think my theory worth a trial by us both.

Theodore says a thug admitted many thefts here a week ago Thursday.

Her thoughtful and very thorough theme was about Youth.

Three thousand ornithologists will meet here May fourth.

As an author, Arthur Barth is no Thackeray or Thoreau.

He thought little Martha had a thistle in her thumb but it was a thimble in her mouth.

Themis Atherton was somehow both ethereal and earthy.

Ethan wrote a thesis on mythical elements in Athenian, Gothic, and 
Elizabethan poems about death.

Truth in any theatre travels a thorny path.

Luther thought my thyroid had nothing to do with it.

Thank Beth and Keith afterwards, but let Bertha pay both.

Thirty-three people here were thought to be kith and kin to Theda Smith.

Thirteen subscribers came in on the fourth, thinking both theatres were open.

Some earth thawed enough to clear a path Thursday.

Now Is the Time to Speak American English with Confidence

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Why a 3-month Accent Reduction Program and Accent Reduction Training?

Because it has been proven that it takes that long to permanently change the yourAmerican English pronunciation

The first step to losing your accent is the desire and determination to improve your pronunciation with accent reduction coaching. As a result, you speak with confidence.

The second step is knowledge: in order to pronounce American English, in fact, you will hear the correct way to say all the sounds and properly articulate those sounds.

The third step is practice and ongoing training, which is where the 3 months comes into the picture, additionally, you hear and perform American English pronunciation so that you are easily and readily understood by native American English speakers.

American English Pronunciation
Accent Reduction Program
American English Pronunciation
You will be Thrilled at How Easy It is to Permanently Improve
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